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By Phil Lower –


The current trends are to focus investment of coaching, mentoring, and training into Senior Leadership. That’s wise when resources are scarce.

However, there is also a growing benefit to identifying the smaller roots in an organization, nurturing them, and strengthening more of the tree. Begin offering prospective internal candidates a scaled back, but functionally valid, version of what Leadership is receiving.

Promote it and watch your production increase as people strive to be seen on the rise.


Shake n Bake.

In other words, shake things up by not assuming that what worked before will work now.  And, don’t fall into the trap of not trying something that didn’t work out in the past.  A new take, use of technology, or situation may make something happen.

Then Bake – give the dough time to rise with customer feedback.  Stick a fork in and see if it comes out clean through sales force/customer service input. Then analyze the results. If the recipe works, repeat often until your customers want a different meal.


IMG_2255Phil Lower is a Business Coach and Consultant / Trainer with The Evans Group LLC, one of the Top 100 Boutique Consultants in the US (   We help you “think in spirals and act in straight lines.”  Serving clients around the globe, our consultants are functional experts in our core disciplines working across all industries, and can truly affect an organization’s ability to keep up with the pace of change.  You can reach Phil at

Using high-integrity, exploratory techniques and building strong decision-making skills, he has coached for-profit and non-profit business owners, officers, directors, professionals, civic and religious leaders, students and mentees, from 29 different countries, to help them accomplish their Goals, Visions, and Dreams.

Phil is also Head Coach of Paladin Business Coaching ( and the Editor / Head Coach of the 5 Minute Business Mind ( Through 5MBM, we are accomplishing our vision of providing professionals, executives, and small / medium sized business owners access to amazing wisdom and wide ranging experience gathered from across the globe to assist their endeavors.

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