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By Joel Elveson – Independent Executive Recruiter – Headhunter

Thank You! Two seemingly simple words to say or write yet there are scores of people who will neither say or write the words thank you. If you did something for somebody would you not like to hear the person say “thank you” to you? Why then would you not extend the same courtesy to somebody that helped you or did something for you directly or indirectly.

Routinely, I like to say thank you to those with whom I have done business with or worked with in another capacity such as a job candidate. The same holds true to all of those who not only read my articles but comment, as well. ,To all of my wonderful readers I would like to say thank you for taking time to read my articles.

There is an unlimited number of situations where a thank you is in order. Many of which should be quite obvious. While others may not be as obvious in terms of why you would or should use these words. A prime example of a less obvious situation to say and write a thank you is right before you conclude an interview.

In the aforementioned event, you must say thank you and then send out a Thank You Letter to the person with whom you just interviewed with. Not only does a Thank You Letter make you look good (providing you have done it in the correct manner with the proper content in it) there is every chance it cements your candidacy.

The Thank You Letter is one of the most powerful tools a job seeker can at their disposal but fail to utilize it. You parents undoubtedly taught you the importance of being polite by way of sincerely saying thank you. So, it would stand to reason writing this letter is an extension of those ancient parental lessons.

Equally important as the letter is the time frame along with the manner it is sent. At latest your thank you letter should be on your interviewers desk is within hours after your interview has wrapped up. If that is not possible, the next and final latest time the Thank You Letter should be sent is prior to the next morning. The only acceptable manner to transmit the letter is via e-mail. Never by fax and certainly never by postal mail.

What should you say in your Thank You Letter? You start via usage of the two words I am redundantly writing to permanently implant them in your mind to the point that you use them as regularly as your name! You then proceed to make mention (one or two short paragraphs will suffice) of some of the things you both talked about. The purpose of this is to impress upon your interview that you were that interested that you recalled the details of your discussions.

The source that you will obtain your remembrances from is the notes you took (or should have taken) throughout the interview session. Using that proven time tested mechanism for success will serve you well. If you fail to use the essential aforementioned criteria you are almost saying thank you for something or somebody without knowing why you are doing it. Think of this exercise as a way of thanking your parents for showing you how, when and why to say (you guessed it) thank you.

Each opportunity you are given to show who you are and what you are capable of is a gift that was given to you. Essentially, what you are doing is realizing that you were indeed given this gift with the idea you are going to do something with it. You are only given “X” number of opportunities in your lifetime. Make the most of them.

Thank you for allowing me to share my words of advice/philosophies with you. As a way of saying thank you to me, please make sure to take time to say words of thanks to your interviewer, along with as many others as you can, to brighten a moment by simply saying THANK YOU!


Business & Professional Coaching / Training e-Learning Soft Skills Communication HR Human Resources for you and your organizational development.Joel Elveson is an Independent Executive Recruiter – Headhunter with Independent Executive Recruiting By Joel, which is a firm, Joel started under the guise there is a more “user friendly” way to go about the staffing & recruiting process.

As a “veteran” of the insurance & mortgage industries Joel always strove to find the best solutions for his clients while providing his employers with “value added” service.

From those vantage points, Joel became keenly aware of what separated a bad employee from a good employee. In addition to the above, Joel learned the intricacies of each business and what made each “tick.”

Joel Elveson took his love of insurance, mortgage banking and lending and translated it into a more meaningful way to do business.

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