Development Coaching

What is Development Coaching

Development Coaching is the transformation of Performance Management tools by fusing contemporary coaching methodologies to evolving learning management systems.

Unlike the traditional Performance Management model, which came out of the post-World War II industrial era, new generations of employees and leaders are less command and control oriented and this creates friction and dysfunction both internally and externally.

As coaches and trainers, we excel at developing teams, by bringing Awareness, Education, and Accountability to a team or organization.

Over the last 20 years, coaching has changed from providing remedial instruction to employees, to focusing scarce resources on Executives and Senior Managers in a bid to drive business and enhance succession planning. And, more recently, it has been used by individuals when a person wants to develop themself, such as a middle manager wanting to get promoted.

Development Coaching focuses on a Professional and Personal Development-Centered coaching system:

  • It revolves around the concept of frank and sincere coaching and ongoing learning at all levels of the organization rather than solely on historic annual reviews.
  • It supports and encourages the talents, growth, and self-exploration of all employees without being lenient on deficiencies.
  • It tests for knowledge gain and retention in an online learning management system.
  • And, it provides a self-paced opportunity for the improvement of personal effectiveness.

What we have seen time and again is that Development Coaching is proactive not reactive like most Performance Management Models.

  • It creates a cost efficient training and development platform for real-world communication skills.
  • And, it offers HR, Trainers, Management, Consultants, and Coaches near real-time accountability tools and maximized flexibility.

Finally, there are three areas that Development Coaching ultimately impacts. We strive to give each temperament what they need to excel, in a Customer-Centric, and future focused way. This drives business by improving both internal and external client interaction and communication.

If you’d like to learn more about who uses our services, our subscription programs, how we can cost effectively create a white labeled platform to meet your needs, or any of our soft skills communications and leadership courses, check out the links on our home page


Soft Skills Courses, Business & Professional Coaching / Training e-Learning Communication HR Human Resources for you and your organizational development.Phil Lower is a Certified Professional Coach and Business Coach / Founder of Paladin Business Coaching.  He serves as Senior Vice President and a Business Coach / Consultant / Trainer with The Evans Group LLC  (  Phil also serves as the Editor / Business Coach of the 5 Minute Business Mind (  “Our mantra is Learning and Coaching ~ Applied because that’s what we do.  It just doesn’t make any sense to teach something or coach someone in a way that’s not going to help them in their personal and professional lives or to better the organization they work in.”

After overcoming learning disabilities as a child and accomplishing his Master’s in Organizational Management, Phil’s great passion is to use his uniquely creative and analytical perspective to help organizations develop effective training and coaching concepts, courses, and programs that have synergistic impacts on culture and drive ROI by focusing on customer-centric outcomes.  As a college faculty member and Liberal Arts Dept Chair, Phil brought that same passion to his students, advisees, and faculty teams.

Using high-integrity, exploratory techniques and building strong decision-making skills, he has coached for-profit and non-profit business owners, officers, directors, professionals, civic and religious leaders, students and mentees, from 30 different countries, to help them accomplish their Goals, Visions, and Dreams.

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