Congratulations You Hired The Wrong Person

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Congratulations, You Hired The Wrong Person…..Now What Do You Do

By Joel Elveson – Independent Executive Recruiter – Headhunter

That new person you hired was perfect or so you thought.  After all he had everything you were looking for and more.  The oratory skills, the writing skills, the look, that certain something.  The references you were given were A+.  By overwhelming majority consensus you hired him.  Barely six months later you discover Mr. Right was all wrong for the job.

Congratulations on hiring the wrong person! Forget about pointing fingers at the recruiter who referred the candidate or your HR Department as that is not going to solve your problem.  Job one is to now figure out how this happened and what controls you are going to put in place to prevent a recurrence.

Bad hires are not a new phenomenon or a result of life in the internet age.  Not that this makes anybody feel better but even Fortune 500 companies have had hiring bloopers on their corporate blotters.  However, the real “players” in business know how to keep these to a minimum and even thrive from it.  Simply put they know how to turn a “hiccup” into a step forward.

So how did or why did this happen and why did it have to happen on your watch.  Unfortunately this is one of those open ended questions that can have many answers.  To come to a conclusion that fits into your mold you must start by examining what type of position you hire for and typically where have you had the most success either as your candidate referral source or the environment that produced well for you in the past.

Next possible solution or entry point of trouble is your hiring process in terms of how do you make your hiring decision and who makes them.  If you are outsourcing to an outsourcing HR Firm you have given up valuable control in addition to safeguards you would have put in place.  Who knows your company better than you do? The correct answer should be nobody knows your company better than you do.

A very valuable asset to bring in would be a professional Business Coach whose expertise is to work with you with any facet of your business you feel is lacking which can and should be inclusive of hiring processes.  Using this method you are not giving up control but instead bringing in an a fresh independent thinker who can provide you with a strategy (only you can come up with solutions) that will mitigate further risk.

Optimally you want to utilize your best people in conjunction with only one outside resource.  The saying of “too many cooks spoil the broth” should be in the forefront of your thinking.  Believe it or not, despite your moments of head scratching, you do have a pretty good idea of how things went wrong.  When bad hiring happens they often time throw the organization into such a tizzy that they can’t think straight.

The obvious ramifications of a bad hire, bad decision making, etc. are financial with the looming threat of lost revenue with the potential for employee exodus due to a perceived over burdening of work from a manpower shortage.  Hence again the need to decisively galvanize proven resources as I have suggested above.  Time as you well know will not stop for you which means act fast but act smart.

The title of this article may seem harsh to you or sarcastic in tone.  When you were in school the teachers you learned the most from were the ones who were tougher on you than the rest.  They wanted you to be the best.  They wanted you to want to be the best.  An integral function of a recruiter is to teach the client about matters that pertain to hiring.  It is tantamount to our success to have resources to give that we provide with the sole idea of helping you.

Congratulations, you hired the wrong person.  Congratulations, you are now well on your way to becoming better off than you were before this happened.


Business & Professional Coaching / Training for you and your organizational development.Joel Elveson is an Independent Executive Recruiter-Headhunter with Independent Executive Recruiting By Joel which is a firm Joel started under the guise there is a more “user friendly” way to go about the staffing & recruiting process.

As a “veteran” of the insurance & mortgage industries Joel always strove to find the best solutions for his clients while providing his employers with “value added” service.

From those vantage points Joel became keenly aware of what separated a bad employee from a good employee.

In addition to the above Joel learned the intricacies of each business and what made each “tick”.

Joel Elveson took his love of insurance, mortgage, banking and lending which he then translated into a more meaningful way to do business.

Joel Elveson
Independent Executive Recruiter – HH Headhunter
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