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By Joel Elveson – Independent Executive Recruiter – Headhunter

At some point you must have seen a job posting on the internet or on another vehicle with a title that is just “screaming” with the above words.  Quite possibly you have seen a similar ad that also boasts that no experience is necessary!  There is every likelihood you have excitedly sent in your resume breathlessly waiting for a call or e-mail that never comes.

Since there is an ongoing “talent war” many companies have resorted to the above senseless strategy in an effort to fill their databases when &/or if they really need to hire.  Winning this fictitious “talent war” also plays into this mentality.

As a recruiter I have “counseled” (aka strongly advising against this practice) companies of all sizes and industries for use of this strategy for several reasons.  One of the main reasons is that when candidates see the same posting on several times a month they immediately conclude the company is either a fraud or what is known in the staffing/recruiting industry as a “tire kicker.”

For those who have never heard this term before I will explain it to you.  A “tire kicker” is a company or job candidate who is not really looking to hire or change jobs but puts feelers just to see what is out there.  If a company sees a very intriguing resume they look to bring that person in for an interview with the idea they might be able to create an opening for that person.  These instances are few and far between.

With the advent of social media “word” spreads very quickly.  For instance, if you are a Retail Store Chain it may very well turn out to be some of those applying are customers who can become very embittered about what happened to them and subsequently do what they can to take other customers away.  Negative publicity alone is a major headache to deal with.

Within many industries many competitors may actually know each other and be very friendly with each other.  Before clicking the send button on your computer realize that you risk having that negative stigma attached to you by just “seeing what my market value is” with little intention of changing jobs.  Even riskier in the oft chance two organizations match the description above.

Even with relatively low unemployment very few jobs remain unfilled for very long.  If your opportunity offers a compensation package that is within line to what you are looking for in terms of experience and background you should not have a hard time attracting “talent.”  Or, if you are having trouble you can always look to engage the services of a competent recruiter aka Joel Elveson – Independent Executive Recruiter-Headhunter to capably assist you.

Should you start hearing “buzz” on your current job that leads you to conclude a change may be needed take serious steps to proceed.  By serious, I mean you are fully committed to making a change and not in a “just looking” aka “tire kicking mode.”  Employers know what a serious candidate looks like.  Professionals are attracted to professionals.

NOW HIRING! IMMEDIATE INTERVIEW! START WORKING TOMORROW! By any means should you refrain from sending in your resume when the above appears.  In the instance where you repeatedly see the above DO NOT REAPPLY!  The term “tire kicker” should pop up in your head.  The entity that does this runs the risk of not being able to hire when they need to since they have lost credibility.

To summarize if you kick too many tires no matter if you are an organization that hires or a candidate looking for a job the more tires you kick the greater the risk you run of creating a flat with no spare in the trunk.

By the way, does anybody have a jack and lug wrench I can borrow? One more thing, I need some Liquid Wrench as well!


Business & Professional Coaching / Training for you and your organizational development.Joel Elveson is an Independent Executive Recruiter – Headhunter with Independent Executive Recruiting By Joel which is a firm Joel started under the guise there is a more “user friendly” way to go about the staffing & recruiting process.

As a “veteran” of the insurance & mortgage industries Joel always strove to find the best solutions for his clients while providing his employers with “value added” service.

From those vantage points Joel became keenly aware of what separated a bad employee from a good employee.

In addition to the above Joel learned the intricacies of each business and what made each “tick”.

Joel Elveson took his love of insurance, mortgage, banking and lending which he then translated into a more meaningful way to do business.

Joel Elveson
Independent Executive Recruiter – HH Headhunter
Independent Executive Recruiting By Joel
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